Is your poor credit score preventing you from buying a car?

Has a car dealer told you they can help but they need a large down payment? Have you learned that buying a car with bad credit is not easy, even when car dealers say they can help and have high risk auto loans?

If you answered yes to either of these questions, we can probably help you! Even with bad credit, we will help you get into a car with bad credit car loans.

We are different

We don't sell cars. We offer life-changing credit rebuilding programs that provide opportunity and advancement for you. Unlike "Bad Credit Car Dealerships," your credit score does not matter to us! We have hundreds of lenders that want to lend money. Most of our customers drive away in happy in a new car, so our inventory is always fresh.

Pre-Qualification is as easy as 1...2...3!

In order to serve you we ask that you follow our 3-step process:

1. Contact Us

We try to help as many people as possible, but for our Special Financing Program appointments are limited and provided on a first come, first serve basis. Call us to setup your appointment as soon as possible.

At your appointment, we will introduce our program, get your application done and find out if we have a solution that fits your budget and your situation. During your appointment you will meet with one of our Finance Underwriters.  For the best possible first impression, come a few minutes early and prepared with all the required documents.

  Call us at (888) 690-3740 or 
fill out the pre-qualification application to get started!

2. Select Your Car

After your interview with our Finance Underwriter, you will know whether or not we have a program that suits your situation and your budget.  If we do have a program that fits, we will then begin the vehicle selection and test drive process.  Through this process we will help you find a car, truck, SUV or van that not only you can afford, but also meets your transportation needs for the next several years.

A great deal of repossessions and early trade-ins occur when the car buyer does not have qualified help needed to select the right vehicle for them.  Our system ensures you vehicle purchase is based on common sense factors and not the emotional buying that traps so many people in vehicles that don't meet their needs.


3. Sign & Drive

The reality is that the percentage of Americans with damage credit is increasing.  People in those situations can come to us when no one else can help.  In order to actually help you, we have to make sure that you understand the program details, the commitment, the payments, the service plan and more.  This is where nearly all other car dealers fail!  They try to hurry you along and the next thing you know, you are neck deep in payments that are too high and on a loan that will outlast the vehicle you just bought!

We want to set you up for success, not failure. We want to be your auto dealer for life! We'll spend a great deal of time and effort to make sure you understand every detail and then leave the decision to you, fully informed.

This is a time for change! We are ready to help you advance if you are!

Call us at (888) 690-3740 or 
fill out the pre-qualification application  to get started!